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Collaboration between Startups & Corporates

Collaboration between Startups & Corporates

The 1st quarterly Artesian Investor Update and Early-Stage Innovation Briefing was held at KPMG offices in Sydney on 17 March 2014.

The focus of the meeting was the relationship between startups and corporates, the opportunities and challenges. Corporate presenters included Woolworths, NRMA, Telstra and ASX. Startups included Posse, ingogo, Jayride, Careseekers and Hive UAV.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Why is corporate venturing the future of venture capital?
  • What are startups looking for from corporate investors other than capital?
  • What are the alternative forms of engagement corporates can undertake with the start-up community / across sectors /and stage in the cycle?
  • Do corporates just want the next big idea or is this about tapping into a dynamic and innovative culture?

Artesian & KPMG Early-Stage Innovation Briefings are special events reserved for Artesian Venture Capital Fund investors only. To find more about how you can become an investor and gain access to exclusive events and research, visit our product page or request a follow up.

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