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Disruption through Data

The 5th quarterly Artesian Investor Update and Early-Stage Innovation Briefing was held at KPMG offices in Sydney on 30 March 2016.

The focus of the meeting was “Disruption through Data”.

The investor panel included Moses Samaha (Veda), Dr Elizabeth Eastland (iAccelerate, University of Wollongong) and Tim Trumper (Quantium). The startup panel included Jared Kristensen (Ticket Squad), Simon Foster (Shoeboxed Australia) and Paul McCarney (Data Republic).

Monetising large data sets is rapidly emerging as a key strategic focus for the Australian business community. The manner in which corporates and governments engage with startups is challenging for a number of reasons including privacy, retaining strategic advantage and partnership dynamics, however the opportunities are enormous.

The startup panel discussed the powerful role of data not only as a resource but also as a means to enhance corporate value. The experience with sharing data and working with incumbents brought data security to the forefront. Pooling data and enabling free exchange of information poses massive opportunities but also potential threats to individual privacy. The panel suggested feasible regulatory frameworks they would implement to mitigate such risks.

The corporate panel discussed the challenges organizations face in trying to make sense of data. They reflected on the different methods of data research, the problems associated with drawing meaningful insights, the limits of open data as well as the ethical challenges organizations run into as custodians of personal data. The panel ended with a discussion on the relationship between corporates and startups and the ways in which they can work together.

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