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How Queensland is Building a Thriving Startup Ecosystem

The 4th quarterly Artesian Investor Update and Early-Stage Innovation Briefing was held at KPMG offices in Brisbane on 9 December 2015.

The focus of the meeting was “How Queensland is Building a Thriving Startup Ecosystem”.

The investor panel included Bernie Woodcroft (ilab), Dianne Jeans (Queensland Government) and Gerard Davis (Australian Agricultural Company). The startup panel included Monica Davis (Rumbl), Tim Hodgkinson (Whispa) and Brad Parsons (Movus).

Research findings published by the Queensland Government in their Startup Ecosystem Report show how all the basic components one would expect in a healthy and growing startup community are in fact all present in Queensland – co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators, angel groups, commercialisation groups, early stage VCs and later stage VCs reveal an ecosystem that is at the beginning of great growth.

The 2015 Startup Muster Survey Report found that Queensland’s performance in terms of primary business location of startups (16.5%) was comparable to that of Victoria (18.0%), with 47% of participants utilising co-working.

Source: 2015 Startup Muster Report

Source: 2015 Startup Muster Report


These early signs of success are prevalent not only in the main city centre of Brisbane but can also be seen throughout the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

The Australian Government has also recently announced a number of key initiatives to help develop the startup ecosystem ranging from tax incentives for early stage investors to the amount funding now available to stimulate the sector. Advance Queensland for example has announced that it is investing $180 million over four years to create knowledge based jobs of the future.

With the proliferation of startups across geographies and sectors, the need to maximise exposure and scale analysis has never been greater.

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