The relatively tieng anh co ban young population of Vietnam has spurred the growth in the country’s overall technological awareness. Around half of the population are active internet users and have social media accounts hoc tieng anh while the number of How to say what’s wrong with you in Japanese mobile subscriptions exceed the population itself at 131%. This is not uncommon for ASEAN countries – most people maintain one than one active SIM card often to leverage various discounts from providers.
Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Compliant VC Fund

Sweet spot for Australian M&A activity

Opportunity for Australian startups & Venture Capital – 90%+ of M&A activity is <$100M (and nearly all trade sales/corporates).

Investors can still exit 10x if low lifetime cap required – but need to invest early, lots of little bets and follow on as traction becomes evident.

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