DECODE's mission IS to Be the system of record for innovatioN.

Decode is a data and 

networking platform that builds, maps, benchmarks, analyses and connects innovation ecosystems.


DECODE helpS INNOVATION ecosystems grow, become 


participants including startups, investors, accelerators, incubators, corporatIONS, government organisations and universities/RESEARCH INSTITUTES.



Without data it is impossible to measure, map or benchmark innovation ecosystems.

Benefits of a collaborative system of record for innovation:

All of the key innovation ecosystem participants possess extensive data relating to their key focus areas. However, this data is held on a wide variety of systems, is highly fragmented and not available to other participants. 

There is currently no single integrated system of record for innovation within or across ecosystem participants. The main reason for this is the difficulty in incentivising each of the key innovation ecosystem participants to continuously update an aggregated data base.

As a result, data relating to the innovation ecosystem is fragmented, incomplete and non-current.

"What a business needs most for its decisions - especially its strategic ones - are data about what goes on outside it. Only outside a business are there results, opportunities & threats"

Peter Drucker 



Access and search a rich database of company profiles (key personnel, funding rounds, connections and news feeds).


Create, track and manage startup portfolios. Visualise the ecosystem by 

company, geography, sector and stage.



Benchmark, assess,

gain insights and analyse innovation ecosystems and key participants.



Quantity & quality of connections between major innovation ecosystem participants is the vital statistic for ecosystem health



Governments are forced to formulate innovation policy based on, at worst, anecdotal evidence and, at best, from limited survey style data. Once a policy is implemented there is insufficient data to show evidence of that policy’s efficacy. Identifying and tracking grant recipients and the benefits to the broader economy is extremely difficult.

Universities & Research Institutes

Universities and Research Institutes are unable to track or benchmark their researchers’ commercialisation efforts or connect easily with corporates/industry looking to partner or acquire innovative technology. As universities promote entrepreneurial studies and expand startup programs on campus they have no way to help navigate and connect students and researchers with the broader innovation ecosystem.


Corporations struggle to navigate the fragmented research, startup and scaleup ecosystems to identify relevant technology, identify partnerships or potential M&A targets. They also lack a system of record to connect their internal innovation activities across all their business units and to external partners and customers


Investors are faced with the benefits and challenges caused by rapidly increasing innovation activity. With many more startups being formed it is becoming much more difficult to scale their investment activities and cut through the innovation ‘noise’ to gain context, and insights regarding the most relevant investment opportunities.

Accelerators and Incubators

Accelerators & Incubators are growing in size and importance in direct proportion to increased innovation activity. Tracking cohorts, and helping them to connect with mentors, investors and customers is difficult to scale without accessible data and platform connectivity. Accelerators and incubators often have dozens of small equity stakes in their cohort startups but do not have a system of record for tracking these portfolio interests.

Startups and Scale

Startups and Scaleups founders must build networks of mentors, investors, partners and customers from the ground up. Network navigation and connectivity is critical. An innovation system of record can provide connectivity with less friction to all of the key counterpart's that are critical to startup founders.


Decode is a data and networking platform that builds, maps, benchmarks, analyses and connects innovation ecosystems.  

Our mission is to help ecosystems grow and become sustainable.


We provide accessibility and inclusivity for all participants including startups, investors, accelerators, incubators, corporates, government organisations and universities.


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