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Artesian completes 12 VC investments in July

Artesian completed 12 VC investments in June - welcome to the new portfolio companies:

Buy energy directly from local, renewable power producers. Where your energy comes from should be your choice to make.

Simplifying your freight management - applies AI and big data to tender freight, monitor deliveries and audit and pay freight.

High protein plant-based food for dogs. Plant-based diets are better for the planet, and much healthier for dogs too.

Applies computer vision and deep learning trained algorithms to build ophthalmology diagnosis real-time support platform

Plant-based food with an authentic Mexican flavor. Creating delicious foods that replace animal protein with plant protein.

Plant-based food innovation company obsessed about creating delicious food that is healthy and allergy safe

Disrupting the dairy alternative market, with plant-based milk made from algae oil and faba protein.

Marketplace of diagnostic tools analyzing genomic data from fertility clinics providing tools for lab staff, technicians, and clinics.

Autonomous robots for healthy oceans. Inspect, map and clean the hull of a boat without a human operator present.

Entertainment centerpiece for all events. Simple but innovative platform creates private interactive feed within any event.

An internally self-locking intramedullary nail (orthopedics) that reduces surgical time and radiation exposure.

Faster heart attack detection to guide clinical treatment.



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