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Amatil X VC Early Stage Venture Fund



The Fund:


  • Coca-Cola Amatil and Artesian have partnered to establish the Amatil X Early Stage Venture Fund to invest in startups delivering consumer needs of today and tomorrow.

  • investment from the Amatil X Early Stage Venture Fund will provide startups with visibility to Amatil X, and vice-versa. The fund will invest AUD$50,000 - $200,000 in early stage startups that meet our investment thesis criteria and mandate.

  • allows Amatil X to address the dynamics of a new wave of corporate innovation activity that requires access to the pipeline of distributed R&D activity being undertaken by thousands of early stage startups operating across the region

  • the startups may be founded anywhere, but as part of the Fund’s investment thesis, they will demonstrate their commitment to operate in at least one of Coca Cola Amatil's six markets - Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Samoa.


The investment strategy of the Fund is to:

  • seek minority investments in early stage start-ups that address Coca-Cola Amatil’s business priorities including:

    • distribution optimisation

    • in-store analytics

    • sustainable packaging

    • on-demand delivery

  • by investing in a portfolio of best-of-breed early stage startups, Amatil X has access to a pre-screened and de-risked pipeline from which they may choose to make strategic, later stage investments


Qualified startup investment opportunities are sourced via:

  1. Scouting conducted via Artesian across the region. 

  2. Artesian's contiguous network, including:

    • additional pre-approved accelerator programs

    • agrifood, clean energy and medtech industry networks

    • the broad Artesian founders alumni 

    • referrals from late stage co-investors whose mandates do not include early stage investments


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Thanks for your interest!

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