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Artesian invests in technology startups that can deliver outsize returns and impact at scale by solving the world’s critical problems.


We are one of the Asia Pacific region’s most active early-stage venture capital investors, with a portfolio of over 625 startups (pre-seed to Series A) focused on climate, agrifood, health, artificial intelligence & robotics, education, and gender equality.


Our later-stage continuation funds (Series B to growth) invest in the top startups from this unique pre-screened and de-risked pipeline and provide additional co-investment opportunities to our LPs.

Footage: Blocks of code - inspired by the article "Why Software is Eating the WorldMarc Andreesen - Wall Street Journal 20 August 2011

Artesian’s foundational belief is that a sustainable and scalable VC business depends on unfettered access to a diversified pipeline of high quality early-stage opportunities.


Artesian achieves this via:

1.  Network:

Unparalleled network of >625 existing portfolio companies, >1,500 founder alumni


2.  Commitment:

Early-stage venture capital is part of Artesian's DNA. We have been building our early-stage platform and networks for more than 10 years, in Australia, China and across the Asia Pacific region

3.  Specialization:

Sector specialization is central to our investment strategy and alpha generation. Artesian operates as a multi-strategy manager with Portfolio Managers responsible for specific verticals, sectors and thematics

4.  Experience:

Deep domain experience has enabled first-mover advantage, with Artesian launching Australia’s first dedicated VC funds for clean energy, agrifood, medical devices, AI & Robotics, and female founders

5.  Collaboration:

Long-established partnerships with regional accelerators, incubators, university programs, angel groups, industry groups, corporations and government organizations

A wise venture capitalist is a flaneur: “Someone who, unlike a tourist, makes a decision opportunistically at every step to revise their schedule (or destination) so they can imbibe things based on new information  obtained. In research and entrepreneurship, Being a flaneur is called looking for optionality."


Nicholas Nassim Taleb

Mission & Investment Thesis

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Portfolio Leaders

Key Sector Focus

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Investment Strategy Overview

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