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Artesian believes that a proactive approach to Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) issues provides advantages to our business, investment performance, customers, and employees.  

As a signatory to the UNPRI, not only do we aim to invest capital in alignment with our values and that of our clients’ values, but we also focus on Artesian's, and our portfolio’s, footprint.


We are committed to continually improving our approach to responsible investing, the tools we use, the clarity of our reporting, and our engagement with the broader community.

Footage: Chunk of glacier collapsing into Lake Argentino in Los Glaciares National Park a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, Argentina

ESG integration occurs across Artesian’s investment platform based on the asset class & the investment teams’ specific processes & strategies.

By understanding our ESG footprint and that of our investee companies, we enhance our ability to deliver on our three main performance metrics:

  • risk mitigation

  • capital appreciation

  • impact accumulation


ESG analysis is primarily used for risk mitigation, and is 

employed by the investment team to identify and engage with companies on issues that are material to long-term performance. ESG factors can affect security valuations and increase volatility in securities of issuers that are inadequately addressing key issues.



ESG analysis helps drive investment strategy, providing the investment team with a framework to identify opportunities where incumbents are failing on ESG issues, and where startups can innovate and compete


The ESG benefits of greater long-term performance, a sustainable & responsible business - extend into the communities in which we operate, & the world at large.


"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.

We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek"

Barack Obama

Artesian ESG Policy

As applicable and appropriate, Artesian:

  • Incorporates ESG issues into its investment analysis and decision-making processes;


  • Engages on ESG issues with applicable investments it manages;


  • Seeks appropriate and applicable disclosure on ESG issues by investments it manages;


  • Reports on its ESG activities and progress to investors; and


  • Supports the implementation of ESG practices in the investment management industry.

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How Artesian Makes ESG Investing a Reality

High Impact
Green Debt Fund

Artesian launched the 

Artesian High Impact Green Debt Fund with a mission to displace the maximum amount of carbon (current and future) while ensuring capital protection and the highest rate of return possible.


The  fund's 'dark' green bond allocation addresses the resilience of existing infrastructure, while the venture debt allocation addresses innovation that will circumvent obstacles to the roll out of the green economy.

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Green & Sustainable Bond Fund

The Artesian Green & Sustainable Bond Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of liquid, investment grade fixed and floating rate green, sustainable and social corporate bonds.


The Fund invests in Australasian and global issuers.

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Australian Corporate Bond Fund

​Artesian believes that analysing ESG characteristics enhances traditional credit analysis by providing a fuller understanding of the risk profile of each issuer.


Our proprietary credit analysis frameworks integrate bottom-up ESG research in order to enable our Portfolio Managers to better assess investment opportunities.

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Clean Energy Seed Fund

Artesian established the Artesian Clean Energy Seed Fund in partnership with the CEFC. 

The fund matches the investment mandate of the CEFC which has a negative screen on nuclear technology & power, and carbon capture & storage technology.

The fund is mandated to assist in developing a clean energy startup ecosystem in Australia by building support networks of entrepreneurs, accelerators, incubators, university programs and angel groups and investors.

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Artesian's Responsible Investors Include:

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