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The Fund:


  • provides eligible investors with unique access to a diversified portfolio of high growth-potential early stage investment opportunities;

  • presents fund investors with a pre-screened and de-risked pipeline of later stage direct investment opportunities into startups with material traction and a relatively short path to exit;

  • delivers investment returns that are exempt from Australian income and capital gains tax;

  • achieves portfolio diversification away from traditional equity and fixed income investments; and

  • supports entrepreneurs, job creation, innovation, new business ventures and economic growth in capital cities and regional Australia.


The investment strategy of the Fund is to:

  • gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of the highest quality early stage investment opportunities across Australia.

  • follow-on into the best opportunities emerging from the early-stage pipeline as well as additional contiguous later stage deals qualified via Artesian's boarder network.

  • invest agnostically across all industry sectors, verticals and horizontals but with a particular focus on 3 sectors - agrifood, clean energy and medtech (~15% of total FUM per sector).

  • invest ~15% of FUM into seed stage deals, 35% angel and pre-Series A, and 50% into Series A and later stage growth opportunities.

  • provide co-investment opportunities in pre-screened and de-risked later-stage deals to the fund's limited partners (LPs).


Qualified startup investment opportunities are sourced from:

  1. Dedicated accelerator, incubator, university program and angel ESVCLPs including Sydney Angels, the Actuator, SproutX, Slingshot and the Clean Energy Seed Fund 

  2. Artesian's contiguous network, including:

    • additional pre-approved accelerator programs

    • agrifood, clean energy and medtech industry networks

    • the broad Artesian founders alumni 

    • referrals from late stage co-investors whose mandates do not include early stage investments


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Thanks for your interest!

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