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With the second largest GDP behind the USA, China is a rapidly growing market for both producing and consuming technology.


China already leads the world in internet users, and with internet penetration just above 50%, there is massive growth still to come.


China is no longer a fast-follower, it is creating many of the most compelling opportunities and a large proportion of the world's startup unicorns.

However, access to the China market is difficult for international startups and investors. Artesian's China VC Fund provides a vehicle for financial exposure to the most important emerging technology market in the world as well as a pipeline of pre-screened and de-risked later stage investment opportunities made available exclusively to the Fund's limited partners.

Artesian has been successfully operating in China since 2008 and has the team, network and dedicated accelerator partners required to optimise access and investment opportunities.


The $200 million China VC Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of local and international startups operating within, or looking to access, greater China markets (including Taiwan, HK). 

The Fund targets early stage opportunities, and follows on in the best opportunities through subsequent rounds to capitalise on both capital-lite startups exiting to corporates at <$250M as well as potential $1B+ unicorns targeting market dominance. 


The Fund invests ~50% of its capital in early (pre-Series A) and ~50% in late (Series A to exit) stage investments.


Artesian builds a dedicated, diversified early stage deal pipeline 

providing the fund with access to the best 10% of startups via our unique accelerator partnerships and local China networks. Artesian's 

deal flow sources include:


  • Three dedicated accelerator programs with whom we partner in China: (1) Brinc - hardware & IoT; (2) Zeroth - artificial intelligence & machine learning; and (3) Chinaccelerator - vertical agnostic internet startups 

  • Artesian’s Shanghai based VC team’s startup ecosystem network including angel groups, universities and research institutes, corporations and later stage VCs


A key focus of the fund is to provide a pre-screened and de-risked pipeline of co-investment opportunities for later stage investments by our limited partners.

The Fund’s investment objective is to target an annualised return of >25% over 10 years by investing in a diversified portfolio of >100 high-growth China startups. 


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Thanks for your interest!

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