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Global Agrifood VC Fund



The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of global AgriFood startups with a focus on sustainable agriculture and food security.

The Fund provides government organisations, corporates, institutional investors and high net worth individuals with a pathway mechanism, that currently does not exist, to invest in a diversified portfolio of seed stage AgriFood startups and follow on investments at Angel, Series A and later rounds. 

Some investors may be passive and participate only in the fund. Other organisations may invest in the Fund and additionally make direct, later stage investments into the best startups emerging from the Fund’s pre-screened and de-risked pipeline.


The Fund will invest in approximately 100-200, seed to series A stage, AgriFood startups over a 5-year period in Australia, NZ, Asia & the Rest of the World and will:

  • target >20% IRR.

  • be a 10-year duration fund (5-year investment period).

  • have capacity for up to $200M FUM from institutional, corporate & family office LPs looking for diversified AgriFood startup exposure & a pre-screened & derisked pipeline of later stage investments.

  • also have additional “specialised” FUM capacity for investors looking for bespoke agrifood exposure e.g. poultry, seafood, wine etc. (e.g. GRDC $25M in GrainInnovate).

  • draw down commitments in approximately equal amounts over the 5-year investment period of the Fund. The fund will invest approximately $40-50M per year for 5 years.

  • generally, take equity stakes in each of the startups, but may also use other instruments such as convertible notes and venture debt.

  • generally, Invest 15% of the Fund’s capital at seed stage, 35% at angel to Series A and 50% to later stage follow-on rounds.

  • LPs will have the opportunity to make larger, late-stage investments into the best startups emerging from the global pipeline.


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Thanks for your interest!

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