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Artesian - 19 Investments in Future of Food Startups: Cellular Ag, Alt. Protein, Plant-based Meat

As part of Artesian's focus on climate and agrifood technology we have made 19 investments in future of food startups including: cellular agriculture, alternative protein, plant-based meat.

The startups imagining and building the Future of Food include:

Enable the production of baked goods with slow sugar release using their proprietary glycemic lowering technology. They make sweet indulgences healthier and more diabetic-friendly without using any sugar alternatives.

Focus on technology, commercial product innovation and branding as well as intellectual property portfolio building in the area of ‘cultivated’ meat and animal protein food products.

Biteback is an Insect Bio-refinery company aiming to meet an increasing global demand for palm oil by creating a healthier and more sustainable alternative. Biteback are transforming biomass from agro-industry waste streams into high quality nutrients and organic chemicals.

Insects may be small, but in the food market they are the next big thing. Eating farmed bugs is healthy, sustainable, and tasty. They are packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers. Bugsolutely is part of this nutritional revolution, and put a main focus on using insect flours to make food products.

Up-cycling of coffee bean waste cascara to produce a beverage with high antioxidant capacity.

Developing a cow stem cell bank to provide high-quality, efficient and certified starter materials for the cultured beef industry. They are currently standardising their biotech process to produce meat from animal stem cells by performing a non-invasive microbiopsy from different cow species, and then differentiating those cells into muscle and fat tissue that mimics the taste and texture of different types of beef products.

The world's first plant-based milk pods for coffee machines.

Australia's first farmer of edible insects and is a world leader in Edible Insect farming techniques, developing edible insect products suitable for the Western diet

Develop technologies to produce recombinant animal-free muscle proteins and next-gen protein ingredients that mimic the taste and structure of meat through fermentation.

GhostmothLabs is a small biotech startup working towards being the first to farm natural Australian Cordyceps. A very close relative of the famous Chinese variety of Cordyceps Ophiocordyceps sinensis, a parasitic fungus with an insect larvae host. It is the world's most valuable natural medicine, known in traditional Chinese medicine as dōng chóng xià cǎo (冬虫夏草) "winter worm, summer grass". Prices for the fungus have increased dramatically over the last decade. Overharvesting and warmer weather on the Himalayan Plateau have raised concerns for the long term sustainability of the species.

We make protein shakes without the cr*p.Have you seen some of the stuff they're putting in your shakes? It's really quite simple; too many 'healthy products' contain too much rubbish. They promise you the world, but really, deliver plastic bottle after plastic bottle, full of junk. So we're re-designing this space, using only real ingredients straight from the ground. You see, we believe if you mess with nature, it'll probably mess with you. So we don't. Which is why our products are only ever crammed full of Pure Plant Power, and absolutely nothing else.

Has Algae is Australia's leading food-grade microalgae producer. Algae provides a vegan-friendly complete food source for human needs. It is sustainable and climate friendly, while meeting all the hygiene standards of food-grade algae.

Creating a convenient and healthy vegetarian microalgae-based energy bar. Naka Foods are looking to develop more nutrient-dense items with microalgae technology, including a plant-based chicken product

By applying lab-on-the-chip technology to cultured meat production, Orbillion Bio will create premium cell-based meat products from heritage cell lines directly sourced from farmers, thus providing consumers with healthy and ethical “food with a story” in true farm-to-table fashion.

Technology has made it possible for us to consume protein without meat. Introducing PHUTURE®, a plant-based meat company that redefines the future of food. Connecting the science of technology to the art of Asian cooking.

Sustainable, organic and raw-dehydrated dog food - delivered

An innovative ingredient producer that uses the latest cultivation and harvesting technologies for scalable production of microalgae Dunaliella Salina (DS). DS aims to disrupt synthetic colourants in the F&B, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, while delivering 200x the amount of beta carotene as carrots.

Shandi Global is a plant-based functional ingredients innovation and manufacturing company. By naturally modifying plants at a molecular level, they create plant-based meat analogues with similar amino acid and protein profiles as real meat.

Recreating real milk inside a lab using the latest cutting edge innovation in biotech. The focus on execution will disrupt this multi-billion dollar industry while reducing the carbon footprint on this planet. Innovation will provide millions access to safer, reliable and higher quality dairy products.



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