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Artesian completes 10 VC investments in August

Artesian completed 10 VC investments in August - welcome to the new portfolio companies, and power-on to those receiving follow-on:

Where memories keep living. A private, safe, and beautiful space to capture your story. For now, and for future generations.

Reducing the overuse of chemicals in farming, and improving profitability for farmers, via a new generation of optical sprayers

Provides quality assessment of agricultural commodities to all participants of the agriculture supply chain utilizing AI, & computer vision

Developing harmless, safe and affordable lab-based meat optimized to the culinary expectations of the Indian population.

Patient tracking & handover for multi-disciplinary clinical teams eliminating the need for manually-maintained handover sheets

Developing a medical device that improves the risk assessment of post-surgical drainage fluid and speed up recovery

Provides multiple AI agents to analyze individual consumer preferences, predict inventory, and recommend right products instantly.

Fast, affordable and in-situ blood test analysis to empower people with instant information about their well-being and health conditions

University platform for students, societies and unions to facilitate the interactions that make campus life memorable

Revolutionizing healthcare to create a world with zero preventable deaths due to the lack of timely molecular patient data.



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