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In delivering female empowerment, corporations better reflect the demographic of the communities in which they operate, create an environment in which women can thrive, and gain material competitive advantages including:


  • better economic performance

  • enhanced relationships with customers

  • ability to hire and retain the highest quality staff

  • fostering increased innovation; and

  • providing greater personal and professional development

Corporations who adopt broad women empowerment policies tend to have higher margins, better return on assets, with more productive staff. For credit investing this reduces income volatility and dampens the tail-risk associated with potential defaults.

Artesian screens global bond markets and invests in the debt of corporations ranking best in class in their industry for facilitating female empowerment.


The Women Economic Empowerment Bond Fund invests in liquid debt securities of best in class corporates with progressive gender policies and governance. 

Artesian screens issuers to create a women’s economic empowerment value (WEEV), investing in the top decile for each sector / industry. Companies are assessed on a range of criteria including gender equality policies, female workforce participation, positions within the firm’s management structure and board representation. While employing a gender lens to filter the bond universe, Artesian provides investors an impact strategy without compromising on financial performance. 

Subsequent to calculating WEEV scores and selecting the best in class issuers, Artesian assesses the appropriate duration, convexity, credit spread, yield and credit risk for the prevailing market conditions. Portfolio construction involves continuous assessment of “best in class” issuers and relative value opportunities..


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