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Artesian Completes 6 VC Investments in May/June

Artesian completed 6 VC investments in May/June - welcome to the new portfolio company and power-on to those gaining follow-on:

Monitor global agriculture markets & receive AI-based insights on risk management, farm business management, agronomy, & carbon markets

Has pioneered a simple & robust production process for high-performance silicon-graphite composite anode & polymer binder material

Maps & verifies soil, plant & water measurements. Helps you make better on-farm decisions & earn trusted / verified carbon offsets.

Keeping mothers and babies safe during childbirth. The device can continuously monitor clinically validated biomarkers to reduce fetal morbidities

Know Your Environment services enables you to map, measure, monitor & report on sustainability & climate risks for land/natural assets

Automated agricultural disease detection reacting to disease presence weeks before it impacts yields whilst reducing preventive sprays


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