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Artesian Completes 9 VC investments in June

Artesian completed 9 VC investments in June - welcome to the new portfolio companies and power-on to those gaining follow-on:

Real time relationship monitoring. Ferret is Relationship Intelligence - enabling you to decide who to trust

Sustainable, vegan non-dairy alternatives made from nutritious and naturally-grown Indonesian Kenari nuts.

Helping to ease the transition to living with a prosthesis for upper limb amputees, as early into their journey as possible.

Drone operations, compliance and fleet management. - built by drone operators for drone operators.

Providing supply, demand and price transparency for wholesale produce & flower markets with data driving informed decisions

Assess, plan & report using true-to-life 3D reality twins. From small assets to entire sites - remotely inspect and plan

Connecting global brands with their e-commerce customers, providing data, insights & enabling cross platform marketing.

A novel biosensor device delivering superior health outcomes in the childbirth process for mothers, clinicians and babies.

A simple & robust production process for high-performance silicon-graphite composite anode & polymer binder materials



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