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Artesian Completes 9 VC Investments in November

Artesian completed 9 VC investments in November- welcome to the new portfolio companies and power-on to those gaining follow-on:

Clinical stage biotechnology company with a mission to treat and prevent disease by restoring gut microbial ecology

Advanced robotic mining solutions, saving businesses downtime and unnecessary costs while keeping workers out of dangerous situations.

Building the future of healthcare education. A simulation tool that uses AI to play the role of any patient, colleague or casualty.

Whole genome sequencing and interpretation of your emb genomes so that you

make informed decisions for the future of your family.

Precision Reality Twins are revolutionizing asset management — glide around a model indistinguishable from the original asset

Cloud based procurement management suite with integrated e-Commerce for the hotel, restaurant & café industry.

Harmony is using breast milk components and cutting-edge biotechnology to create an infant formula naturally designed for humans

Cloud-based machine learning tool cuts through the complexity of chilled water plants, providing best-in-class control strategies.

Last-mile connectivity for vehicles, machinery & farms,

eliminating coverage gaps by extending existing LTE (4G) and satellite networks.



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