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The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of leading Australian MedTech startups.

As well as focusing on financial returns the Fund also considers the health and social problems that can effectively be addressed through increasing medical devices’ efficiencies.

The Fund targets a range of impact goals focused on stimulating the MedTech ecosystem in Australia including:

  • Increasing the supply of MedTech startups in Australia via investment and through partnerships that increase the number and range of startups, entrepreneurs and investors;

  • Provide pull-model VC support to solve specific problems in the MedTech sector via the Accelerator Program and broad engagement with the Australian startup ecosystem;

  • Attracting interested collaborators (corporates, investors, NFPs, research and government organizations) to work with MedTech Startups and The Actuator; and

  • Motivating impact, or mission-driven, investors, such as foundations, corporates, family offices and institutional investors who can invest in the Fund and/or play an important role in providing an additional source of capital for the MedTech Startups that are accelerating Australia’s transition to a more efficient digitally enhanced MedTech sector. 


The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of Australian MedTech startups that are preselected by The Actuator into its national accelerator program and from the broader startup ecosystem.  


A unique feature of the Fund is that it invests at the seed stage and offers MedTech Startups follow-on funding at both the angel stage and later-stage funding rounds.


The Fund’s investment objective is to target an annualised return of >20% over 7-9 years by investing in a diversified portfolio of approximately >50 high-growth potential MedTech startups accessed via the pre-screening and acceleration processes of The Actuator program. The Fund may also source MedTech startups from the broader Australian startup ecosystem.


The 4 key tenets of the Fund’s investment strategy are:


  1. Build a diversified portfolio of seed stage investments with a pro-rata right to follow-on in subsequent funding rounds;

  2. Focus on scalable, high-growth potential MedTech Startups;

  3. Make follow-on investments at angel and later stage VC rounds into startups proving traction/market fit; and

  4. Target the $50-100 million M&A/trade sale market for exits.


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