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Artesian Completes 9 VC Investments in March

Artesian completed 9 VC investments in March - welcome to the new portfolio companies and power-on to those gaining follow-on:

Creating the brain, eyes, and hands for the next generation of intelligent robots to pick and pack any item, even if it has not seen it before

Robot programming made easy - automatically program your robot for welding and eliminate the need for costly manual programming.

Construction cost management made easy, allowing contractors to focus on delivering projects and winning more work

The future of finance for supply chains - facilitating better access to capital than any traditional offerings in the market.


Novel catheter tip design delivering liquids to the nasal cavities & sinuses, reducing 50% failure rate of peripheral intravenous cannulas

VR training for healthcare. Eliminating medical error by helping doctors, nurses & students practice & perfect life saving procedures.

Revolutionizing healthcare with Continuous Molecular Monitoring leading to better patient outcomes and a reduced cost burden on healthcare systems.

Enables your internal workforce & external parties to create free digital ID cards they can use to signoff and submit forms electronically

Making indoor space 100% accessible, changing lives of people with vision impairment & making unfamiliar spaces easy for everyone to navigate.



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