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Artesian’s 2021/22 Impact Report

Our team is proud to share Artesian’s 2021/22 Impact Annual Report outlining our metrics and highlights, as well as, our roadmap for future impact.

This year’s report builds upon the commitments we made last year:

  1. Creating a sustainable future;

  2. Advancing gender equity;

  3. Moving capital for purpose; and

  4. Taking a proactive approach to engagement.

At Artesian, we view risk/return and impact as inherently linked, and have equipped our business to track and collate the impact that our investments are making – as we see that as the north star that will drive alpha and enhance strategic and financial returns for investors.

We believe that transparency and accountability are critical to responsible stewardship of capital and are proud to share our impact highlights for the 2021/22 reporting year:

  • Certifying as a B-Corporation;

  • $1bn+ in responsible assets under management;

  • Achieving Scope 1 and 2 Net-Zero carbon emissions across our operations;

  • Public disclosure of our gender pay gap and 6 weeks added to our paid maternity leave policy;

  • Launch of the Artesian High Impact Green Debt Fund in North America;

  • Launch of the $50m Grain Innovate fund to support Australian grain growers, in partnership with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC);

  • Launch of the $100m Artesian Female Leaders VC Fund, Asia Pacific’s first dedicated Series A and Series B fund for women entrepreneurs;

  • 99% growth in investments in green, social and sustainable issues across our fixed income business;

  • 78.21% increase in our investments in SDG-linked startups, scaleups and solutions.

We take pride in the major strides Artesian has made this year, becoming more inclusive, equitable and sustainable. But as always, we have a long road ahead of us. Artesian remains committed to being a responsible steward of capital — bold in our commitments and transparent with our metrics. We are proud to share our impact journey over the last year, and our vision for the years to come.



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