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Artesian Completes 15 VC investments in May

Artesian completed 15 VC investments in May - welcome to the new portfolio companies and power-on to those gaining follow-on:

White-label payment technology provider, have developed a bank-grade, state-of-the-art, Payment as a Service platform

One-stop destination to make your non-working phones work again - offline service stations + vibrant online mobile repair shop

Online beverage ordering & trade credit enabling more efficient relationships between venues & beverage suppliers

Helping retailers boost sales by creating an enhanced product catalogue and frictionless product discovery using AI

Easy to use, Fun to trade.

Your all-in-one crypto community investment platform to trade the fastest growing digital assets.

Order your meals for the entire week from the finest local restaurants at an affordable price, delivered straight to your door.

Asia’s leading all-in-one cashless and guest mgmt. solution for venues/events to digitize operations and increase guest spend

Behavioural science for better health - chronic condition mgmt program to develop better habits and a lifetime of better health.

Workforce connectivity made easy. The HR automation tool to increase engagement and retention during workplace transitions.

Build, test & deploy. Your all-in-one-place solutions for your iOS and android development and release workflow. Go bug-free.

A new type of business school. Join live, interactive workshops led by global business experts to bring out the leader in you

Redefining the supply chain by combining AI with real-world experience; supplier funding, logistics, and predictive demand

Empowering insurers to create new markets, reach more people, innovate with purpose. and service customers digitally

Chemical-free, dispersed microwave tech that kills weeds as well as the weed seed bank that’s embedded in the soil

Engineering the future of manufactured tissue for

in vitro & in vivo R&D while developing 3D bioprinted tissue for unmet medical needs.


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