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Artesian Completes 21 VC Investments in Jan/Feb

Artesian completed 21 VC investments in January/February - welcome to the new portfolio companies and power-on to those gaining follow-on:

Empowering clinicians with the technology to deliver better health outcomes via patient-centered Pressure Injury care.

Utilizing moving injection horizontal gasification reactors to revolutionize the conversion of organic & residual waste into energy

AI to auto meta-tag video content in real time, creating interactive video content helping platforms grow revenue/engagement

Cell-based technology for the production of safe, high quality, tasty & sustainable fish products without sacrificing the oceans

Applies natural language processing to help determine emotion & tone of marketing content to increase engagement/ROI

247 is China's premium social commerce solution connecting users with access to the most relevant entertainment

Online beverage ordering & trade credit enabling more efficient relationships between venues & beverage suppliers

Agtech platform that centralizes data-sets from across the entire farm operation and throughout the supply chain.

Efficient small wind turbine tech that delivers proven ROI, improves energy resilience & decreases dependence on fossil fuels

Automate management of your intellectual property, save time & money, with the help of prompt customer service support

Freight forwarding software - eliminate poor communication leading to shipment issues, delays &pain for your customers

Milk Care Co (Harmony)

Protein-based, dairy & allergy-free, environmentally friendly baby formula that mirrors breast milk

China edtech platform providing online tutoring services to assist students in preparing for international exams.

Redefine your relationship with food - q personalized nutrition program based on your lifestyle, habits and blood analysis.

Using the most sustainable future food crops to create plant-based alternatives that mimic dairy in taste, quality and nutrition

Utilizes proprietary drying technologies to upcycle surplus produce into nutritious and shelf stable dried food ingredients

Massive multiplayer online game - it's up to you and your friends to explore the world of NEO. Adventure, fun, craft and code.

A safe, moderated virtual forum/roundtable for your people to contribute their knowledge, feelings and ideas.

Powering a secure digital gateway to quickly and safely access specialized treatment plans for patients.

Epigenetics company focusing on the treatment, diagnosis and monitoring of cancer, and the prevention of its recurrence.

Take control of your software spend. Sync with your accounting system, identify savings & ensure accountability



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