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Artesian Completes 5 VC Investments in Sep/Oct

Artesian completed 5 VC investments in September/October- welcome to the new portfolio companies and power-on to those gaining follow-on:

Zero Cow Factory

Reinventing the meaning of traditional dairy and food industry by producing India’s first animal-free milk protein and dairy products


Pearler is the solution for superior management of questionnaires for RFP, RFx, Security Assessments, Audits and more


Plant-based protein m*ilkshakes. Smooth and creamy - without the dairy. 100% recyclable carton made from plants


Boosting wellness & performance using neurotechnology. Using biofeedback exercises to train your body & mind


Connecting with gamers across the world. Own and operate 16+ major digital publications across esports, gaming, and entertainment.


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