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Gender equality in Australian VC

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

45% (31/69) of new Australian VC investments completed by Artesian over last 12 months have a female co-founder. However, little progress has been made in attracting female startup investors to the ecosystem: <5% of active seed/angel investors are women

From feedback we have received there are a multitude of reasons for this material gender gap - it is clearly a systemic problem that needs to be addressed with multiple initiatives

Four key reasons for the gap include:

  1. Amount of earnings/savings - the average super balance for males is around $153,000 while for females it is around $102,000

  2. Less female role models in VC/tech and networks of investors dominated by men.

  3. Other investments take priority - angel/VC not the most interesting

  4. Education - Financial literacy within Australia is above OECD average - but, within the OECD, Australia has one of the largest gender gaps in financial literacy.



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