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Startup Survey Results: COVID-19 Government Incentives & Grants

Artesian conducted a survey on 6 April 2020, asking our Australian portfolio startups to provide feedback on the available Government incentives and grants in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We received responses from 103 startups.


1. What grants & government incentives have you applied for or will you qualify for as a result of COVID-19?

The responses show that top 3 grants & government incentives that startups have, or expect to, utilise are:

  1. R&D Tax Incentive

  2. Jobkeeper payment

  3. PAYG Variation

The following chart shows responses broken down by stage of startup surveyed:


2. What grants/ government incentives have you received since the impact of COVID-19?

At this stage the government incentives and grants are yet to flow through to the startup ecosystem inane scale. The speed of delivery for government initiatives and grants is critical as many startups have limited runway.


3. Do you believe there are other measures the government should be undertaking to support startups? If so, what are these?

The tables below provides a broad sample of responses to this question:

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